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Tsinghua Holdings fights poverty through combination of Internet and education


An online school aiming to help the poverty-stricken areas in Nanjian Yi autonomous county of Dali, Southwest China's Yunnan province was launched on March 28, thanks to the cooperation between the county and MOOC-CN Education, a subsidiary of Tsinghua Holdings. 

One of the measures that Tsinghua Holdings focuses on in its poverty-elimination program in Nanjian, the MOOC-CN Nanjian Online School is improving in education and teaching quality and nurturing of more talents through innovative exploration of Internet Plus Education.

The school plans to provide quality online courses for more than 25,000 students and 1,800 teachers and heads of educational departments in Nanjian over the next three years. 


The MOOC-CN Nanjian Online School is launched on March 28. 

Meanwhile, the county will also implement a number of policies to encourage and guide the maximum use of the online school resources, by applying a teaching management big data system developed by MOOC-CN. 

"The online school is expected to cultivate high quality talents for Nanjian who are adaptable to the development of a new era," said Nie Fenghua, president of Tsinghua Holdings and chairman of MOOC-CN Education, at the launching ceremony. 

Nie also stressed that Tsinghua Holdings and its affiliates will give full play to their industry advantages to help Nanjian out of poverty and achieve development in county planning, environmental protection and special industries.


Nie Fenghua gives a speech at the launching ceremony. 

Party secretary of  the Communist of China Nanjian county committee Ji Xiangyang appreciated the poverty-relief work of Tsinghua University in Nanjian and expressed his expectation for more and continuous help from Tsinghua Holdings in boosting the county's education, agriculture, planning, and finance.

Aixuetang.com, MOOC-CN Education's subsidiary specialized in K12 education, gave Nanjian's teachers and students access to primary education resources, valued at six million yuan ($955,657). 


Ji Xiangyang appreciates Tsinghua University's poverty-relief work in Nanjian. 

By focusing on educational quality and equality and promoting education through technologies, MOOC-CN Education now has had more than 1,300 tertiary education courses and over 25,000 basic education courses available online.