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Tsinghua Holdings provides full support for Tsinghua student innovation activity


Tsinghua University's 36th Challenge Cup Technological Innovation Competition, and the THU CIE Exposition 2018, were held on April 29, with Tsinghua Holdings sponsoring the event. 


The opening ceremony of Tsinghua University's 36th Challenge Cup Technological Innovation Competition, and the THU CIE Exposition 2018. 

The THU CIE refers to Tsinghua University Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, highlighting students' creativity and innovation. 

Tsinghua Holdings' Chairman Long Dawei and Vice-president Zhao Yanlai attended the opening ceremony.


Long Dawei (L) and Zhao Yanlai attend the opening ceremony. 

The THU CIE expo was divided into six exhibition sections, displaying a great number of excellent works innovated by Tsinghua University students. They included liquid nitrogen applications and cyanotype photos in basic research section, cultural innovative products for traditional villages and a Manchu language teaching system in humanities and social sciences section, an advanced campus personal identity verification system and a neuroimaging editor system in information technology section, soft exoskeleton hands and cleaning robots in industrial manufacturing section, and multi-dimension reading approach and cartoon and game design in art expression section.


Liquid nitrogen experience 


A vehicle visual platform 


Advanced 3D printer innovated by the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Tsinghua University.


A palm-type fly vehicle innovated by Skyworks, Tsinghua University's largest technology group.

The Challenge Cup competition presented six excellent awards, 10 first prizes, 32 second prizes and 56 third prizes. Tsinghua University's computer engineering department won the championship. 


Students are presented awards during the event.

The competition was founded in 1983 and has become a nationwide event since 1989. From 2017, Tsinghua University held the annual THU CIE Exposition during its anniversary week in April by integrating the Challenge Cup competition exhibition and entrepreneurship carnival to show research achievements made by its students in creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.