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Kyoto University delegates visit Tsinghua Holdings


Tsinghua Holdings received a delegation from Japan's Kyoto University led by Nagahiro Minato, the school's vice-president, on May 5.

Tsinghua Holdings' Vice-president Zhao Yanlai introduced the company's experience and achievements in the transformation of technological advances, as well as efforts to boost innovation and entrepreneurship. 

He also answered the delegates' questions regarding the company's measures to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship, procedure of technological transformation, industry and research collaboration, and stock ownership incentive policies for R&D personnel.

Nagahiro spoke highly of Tsinghua Holdings' remarkable development mode and outstanding social contributions and expressed his hope to have deeper exchanges and more cooperation with Tsinghua Holdings.



Established in 1869, Kyoto University is Japan's national university and a research-oriented institution renowned for having produced the most Nobel Prize laureates in Asia. 

This year marks the 20th anniversary of a bilateral cooperation agreement signed between Tsinghua University and Kyoto University in 1988.