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Gene identification proof technology helps lost children come home


CapitalBio Technology, a company affiliated to Tsinghua Holdings' subsidiary CapitalBio Corporation is using an advanced gene detection technology to effectively help lost or abducted children reunite with their families. 

This children's gene identification proof technology allows to collect a child's gene information and record it by creating a personal gene "label", which could be used to match when lost or abducted children are found, in case they are facially changed after years of missing. 

The children's gene identification proof is the most efficient and direct way to find a lost or abducted child, for parents can hand the data to the public security authorities as evidence to claim a family connection, said Wang Guoqing, senior vice-president of CapitalBio Technology. 

In the US, the gene identification proof plan was launched in 2014 and the successful match rate for lost or abducted children and their biological parents has been raised to 97.7 percent up till now, much more than the 62 percent in 1990. 

CapitalBio has been dedicated to public good for years and on May 25, the International Missing Children's Day, the company collected and recorded the DNA samples from all the children in a kindergarten in Beijing, via the cooperation with Baobeihuijia.com, China's largest charity website for finding missing children. 

CapitalBio provides advanced technologies and products in life science R&D, medical examination, judicial testimony and health management. It is equipped with global DNA identification platform and quality management system.