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Tsinghua Holdings' big data products and solutions displayed at 2018 big data expo


A number of Tsinghua Holdings' subsidiaries attended the 2018 China International Big Data Expo held in Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province from May 26-29, garnering a lot of attention for their innovative products and solutions. 

New H3C, a world leading digital solutions provider, was rewarded the 2017-2018 Big Data Excellent Product Award for its H3C DataEngine V1.0.

Focusing on providing a highly-efficient, stable platform with easy connections, the H3C DataEngine V1.0 is able to visualize all the data services and manage the data in groups and certain divisions. 

It has launched advanced scenario solutions with partners in various industries and been deployed in thousands of projects. 

Tongfang's transportation big data center solution, which helps construct and manage integrated and comprehensive data resources system via integrating transportation big data from multi-departments, different systems, various businesses, multi-layers and diverse areas, was awarded as a 2017-2018 Big Data Application Solution. 


The awarding ceremony

By exploring transportation big data value in depth, the solution is able to provide comprehensive and key data support for simultaneous monitoring, analysis and decision-making, and greatly improves a transportation authority's management through data application instead of experience dependence. 

During the expo, China's basic knowledge resources provider CNKI.net demonstrated a number of innovative technologies in big data integration and application for governments, society and the science sector. 

It also showed some application cases of the Guizhou big data think tank platform in government, energy, court, education, medical and health and high-end industrial manufacturing. 

Co-developed by the Big Data Development Administration of Guizhou and CNKI.net, the Guizhou big data think tank platform is expected to channel the data and business of Guizhou-Cloud Big Data based on new-generation IT and artificial intelligence. 

The platform is dedicated to offering accurate intellectual services and digital reports for governmental decision-making based on big data-driven technologies and smartness. 

CNKI.net also demonstrated a couple of products and solutions for different scenarios and industries, including some smart platforms for government affairs, energy, manufacturing, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, excellent and emerging enterprises and talent recruitment. 


Visitors get to know products and solutions of CNKI.net during the event. 

Guizhou – China "Digital-Silk-Road" Cross Border Data Hub Port Co was also established on May 25 to promote the construction of big data service bases and digital Silk Road cross-border data hubs along the Belt and Road. 


 The establishment of Guizhou – China "Digital-Silk-Road" Cross Border Data Hub Port Co.