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Nuctech's reliable after-sales service wins recognition from Bermudan customs



Feng Jie (second from L) becomes the first non-Bermudan to receive an award from the island. 

Feng Jie, an engineer working at Nuctech, a subsidiary of Tongfang Co Ltd, which is affiliated to Tsinghua Holdings, was presented with a medal by the chief of Bermuda Hamilton Customs on May 10, for his seven years of work on inspection equipment support to curb smuggling at Hamilton Port. 

Feng is the first non-Bermudan recipient of the award. 

Over the past seven years, your expertise has greatly increased the detection of illegal and prohibited goods, said the local customs chief, in a letter of thanks to Feng. 

Working as an on-site equipment maintenance engineer for Nuctech's combined and movable container/vehicle inspection system for the past seven years, Feng has worked to maintain a safe and efficient system. 

He has always been able to respond to maintenance calls within 10 minutes, and solved the problems as soon as possible. Thanks to his excellent work, Nuctech never failed to meet the customs' request that inspection equipment operation rate should not fall below 95 percent. 


Nuctech's inspection system has been in place at the port for seven years. 

In 2014, he succeeded in repairing the roof of the scanning hall within only one hour when a hurricane hit Bermuda. He also managed to repair the port's water units within three days to ensure normal equipment operation in 2017. 

In addition, he gave maintenance training to customs officials in the port, so that the time taken to resolve problems that occur at the facility has been greatly reduced.

Feng has been using his work and attitude to demonstrate Nuctech's product and services are reliable and has establish trustworthy relationship with clients. 


Feng Jie (M) pictured with customs officials at Hamilton Port.