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HK youth benefit from Tsinghua work experience



University students from Hong Kong in TusPark, Beijing on July 13

Eleven university students from Hong Kong rounded off their summer internships at six subsidiary enterprises of Tsinghua Holdings in Beijing on July 13.

These students were from seven Hong Kong's universities, including the University of Hong Kong (HKU), the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST).                                       

From June 11 to July 13, they fulfilled a good many demanding but rewarding jobs at Tsinghua Tongfang, MOOC-CN Education, Tsinghua Tongheng Urban Planning & Design Institute, GSAFETY, and Tsinghua Asset Management.

At the concluding meeting, the Hong Kong students shared with each other what they learned from the five-week period.

"Writing a detailed report on industry research is far more challenging than finishing homework at school," said Deng Mincong, who worked for Tsinghua Tongfang. "The valuable internship added to my ambition of making a difference in the financial market."

"Well, 'growth' is the one and only keyword of my internship experience," Liao Mintong, former intern at MOOC-CN Education, said during the summing-up meeting.

"I felt completely powerless at the very beginning, but my colleagues did everything they could to fit me in. Little by little, I learned and grew by challenging myself," said Liao.


Zheng Chengwu, vice-president of Tsinghua Holdings, delivers a speech to wrap up the meeting.

Zheng Chengwu, vice-president of Tsinghua Holdings, delivered a speech, saying that the future lies in the hands of youth and from the eleven interns' extraordinary qualities and industrious spirits he has caught a glimpse of a brighter future for Hong Kong.

"Talent cultivation is among Tsinghua Universities' five functions and also a major duty of Tsinghua Holdings," Zheng said, hoping the summer internship could become a bridge for Hong Kong students, Tsinghua University and enterprises to exchange cultural resources.


Photos record the memorable moments during the Hong Kong students' internship experience.

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