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Painting robot gives a strong hand



TRP6-22L, a three-meter-long painting robot designed by Tsinghua Tongchuang Co Ltd

Tsinghua Tongchuang Robots, first manufacturer of redundant robots for automated spraying of large and complex surface and services provider in China, recently helped its client finish automating part of a reefer container spraying production line.

The solution Tsinghua Tongchuang Robots has offered includes three painting robots with eight degrees of freedom, which ensure automated spraying of the reefer container's front and rear frame and underside of the body.


The dreadful working environment for engineers and workers

Since September 2017 when Tsinghua Tongchuang agreed to provide solutions for the reefer container painting automation, it took the company three months for an intensive and detailed preparation, including project design, assembly units preparation, installation, and debugging. While the Tongchuang's project team managed to install the intelligent painting system in just three days to avoid affecting production capacity. 

The company's painting robots and integrated system have proved to be a great relief for painting workers who need to work in harsh working environment wearing heavy garments and protective masks. 

What's worse, the industry has long been vexed by its low efficiency, poor quality, high cost, and difficult recruitment. These make the container producer turn to Tsinghua Tongchuang to deal with its long-standing problem.


An engineer of Tsinghua Tongchuang works through the night.


The project team has a quick breakfast before continuing their work.

The automated painting system began to operate in March 2018 and achieved zero breakdown during a three-month trial run with equipment standard, spraying effect, and explosion-proof grade perfectly meeting requirements. 

"After the automation upgrade, the robots spray six minutes for each reefer container at this working position, and all you have to do is press a button," said Zhang Sheng, Tongchuang's project manager, "An engineer told me he doesn't want to go down there any more since the robots are doing such a good job."

Tsinghua Tongchuang Robot Co Ltd was founded based on technological results of the Tianjin Research Institute for Advanced Equipment and the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Tsinghua University. It is now under Tsinghua Holdings that has been dedicated to bringing high technologies into the market.