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CapitalBio wins China’s award for technological invention



The national science and technology award conference is held on Jan 8 in Beijing.

CapitalBio Co, Ltd, a life science company under Tsinghua Holdings, won national awards for technological inventions at the national science and technology award conference on Jan 8.


Certificate for National Award for Technological Invention

The company won the second prize for its role in research and applications of a deafness gene diagnostic chip system.

Research shows that 67 percent of severe deafness is caused by genetic factors. Four to five percent of people carry a deafness genewhich is the main cause of acquired deafness and of deafness in newborns.

Differing from traditional cost and labor-effective screening and diagnostic techniques for deafness, the genetic deafness gene diagnosis chip developed by CapitalBio offers many advantages such as accurate andreliable test results, high sensitivity, low-cost and fast detection speed. 


Genetic deafness gene detection chip awarded attheconference

From 2009 when the product was launched in the market, it has been widely applied in many areas including marriage and child guidance and screening of fetuses, newborns and high-risk groups, and has proved to be a significant diagnostic tool. 

At the end of 2018, more than 320 newborns across China had received deafness gene mutation screening to help preventdeafness arising from misuse of medication. More than 80,000 people, including examinees and family members, avoided deafness due to misuse of medication thanks to the technology.

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Genetic deafness gene diagnosis chip and supporting equipment

In addition, CapitalBio developed the first genetic testing chip and matching reagent for detecting hereditary deafness in white people.