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Nuctech spectrum testing system wins national outstanding patent award



This device with the Raman spectrum detection system checks for harmful chemicals. 

A patent application on a spectrum testing system, filed by Tsinghua University and Nuctech, affiliated to a holding company of Tsinghua Holdings, has won the national outstanding patent award recently.

The Raman spectrum detection system with automatic calibration function covered by the patent is considered groundbreaking. It can improve the precision and ability of Raman spectrum detection to adapt to the environment and lower performance requirement for core devices.

The technology has already been applied in security checks, drug seizures and smuggling prevention, in the form of hand-held chemical identification devices. These can rapidly recognize the presence of drugs, explosives, dangerous chemicals, plastic, jewelry and jade.

It can also be used in food safety monitoring such as for detecting harmful additives, pesticide residue, non-edible chemicals and toxic substances.

More than 130 patents have been granted related to Raman spectrum technology, whose related technologies and products have also been subject to technical evaluation by the Ministry of Education and other government departments of Beijing.

Nuctech is committed to technology innovation and intellectual property protection and provides customers worldwide with advanced security inspection technology, products and services. 


The national outstanding patent award for the Raman spectrum detection system with automatic calibration