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Light-sensing blackboard debuts in smart class


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Whatever is written on a light-sensing blackboard can be projected on a screen. 


A teacher’s chalk-writing can be synchronized to a student’s Wechat account for review. 

A light-sensing blackboard created by XuetangX, an affiliate of a holding company of Tsinghua Holdings, featured in a China Central Television program dedicated to smart classrooms on Feb 28.

Light-sensing blackboards use high-precision infrared technology to make a real-time record of a teacher’s chalk writing and simultaneously project it onto a screen, an integration of chalk writing and a slide-video presentation.

The technology is used in XuetangX’s Rain Class platform. Offering preview materials, answers to questions, after-class assignments and class reviews, it increases interactions between teachers and students and livens up the classroom atmosphere.

A combination of light-sensing blackboard and the Rain Class platform can track all the slide-video presentation, audio materials, chalk-writing and interactions in the classroom and synchronize contents to students’ WeChat accounts real-time communication tool.

In this case, all the classroom updates can be completely recorded and stored in digital equipment, so students can check them at any time.

This television program also featured a video-streaming class via Rain Class platform. The class is called Cloning class in which users simultaneously study with students from prestigious universities. This is considered an authentic way for remote students to attend top-level classes and take advantage of premium education resources.

Having joined a Cloning class, users can receive teaching materials and compete with outstanding students in real time, a marked difference to normal video-streaming courses.

More than 7,600,000 students and teachers from around the world in 10,000 schools and organizations are now studying with the Rain Class platform.