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Smart education products of XuetangX debut at International AI, Educ Conference



International Conference on AI and Education is held on May 16, 2019.


XuetangX intelligent learning assistant “Xiaomu” is displayed in the exhibition during the conference. 


The phototonus blackboard makes its first appearance in a TV program of CCTV Finance Channel in February 2019. 

XuetangX, as a representative of online education, was invited to display smart educational services and products at an exhibition during the International Conference on AI and Education on May 16, 2019.

A phototonus blackboard, developed by XuetangX, affiliated to MOOC-CN Education which is a member enterprise of Tsinghua Holdings,was featured at the exhibition as part of a Rain Class. Equipped with infrared image recognition technology, it has many functions including simultaneous recording and broadcasting, real-time display and after-class playback. It can also track chalk writing in real-time and save it as a teaching resource.

A Rain Class is an intelligent teaching tool that aims to increase interaction between teachers and students. It has functions such as previews before class, answering questions in class within time limits, submitting contributions, and sending bullet screens.

It’s the second time for phototonus blackboards to make a splash on stage at a top event of the industry after arousing close attention through a CCTV report.

On this occasion, another intelligent learning assistant named “Xiaomu” was also displayed. It can interact with the learners which can help increase communications between teacher and students. It can give learners many indications in the course of learning; for example, inform them of the necessity to develop a study plan when they choose a course. Besides, it also encourages learners and reminds them in a kindly way if they fall behind.

The conference was co-held by UNESCO, China’s Ministry of Education, the Beijing Municipal Government and the China UNESCO National Committee in Beijing on May 16, 2019 with a theme of planning education in the artificial intelligence age, which they described as leading and crossing.

It gathered representatives from governments, educational and research institutions and international organizations to discuss building educational systems, ability training and application of artificial intelligence in education to meet challenges of the digital divide, data safety and ethical issues.