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International Education andInformation Standards experts visit XuetangX, Aixuetang



The experts visit the experience center of innovative and entrepreneurial education. 


The experts experience VR and AR technology before the exchange meeting. 

Experts from the International Education and Information Standards Committee recently visited XuetangX and Aixuetang, two educational platforms affiliated to MOOC-CN Education, which is the member enterprise of Tsinghua Holdings.

Theyshared ideas on application of information technology in China’s education system. Before the exchange meeting, they also went to the exhibition hall and studio of XuetangX to learn about the company’s background, curriculum resources, products and technology solutions and experience the VR and AR technology.

The visitors were shown a phototonus blackboard in Rain Class, a new smart teaching tool developed and launched by XuetangX and the online education office of Tsinghua University.


The experts learn about a phototonus blackboard in Rain Class. 

The phototonus blackboard is equipped with infrared image recognition technology, and has many functions including simultaneous recording and broadcasting, real-time display and after-class playback. It can also track chalk writing in real-time and save it as a teaching resource.

The Rain Class is an intelligent teaching tool that aims to increase interaction between teachers and students. It can present previews before class, answer questions in class within time limits, submit contributions, and display bullet screens.


The experts use their phone to follow lessons in Rain class.

After their time at XuetangX the experts visited Aixuetang to hear more about STEAM education applications and the Aixuetang’s current circumstances.

Xuetang Kechuang, an affiliate of Aixuetang, is committed to offering a one-stop STEAM solution of Maker Education  including Maker Education space design and construction, the STEAM curriculum, an educational cloud platform, teaching services and teacher training.

Shi Xuelin, CEO of Xuetang Kechuang, said that the big data analysis and feedback system of Xuetang Kechuang can be used to automatically sort out data and analyze results to identify the trends of interdisciplinary ability promotion.


     The foreign experts visit Aixuetang.

ProfTae, an expert of the International Education and Information Standards Committee, shared the application of AR and VR to teaching in South Korea, and said that  the same challenge faced by all teachers around the world is how to overcome being content with the status quo.

If teachers don’t feel the need to change teaching methods, they stop paying attention to the progress of each student which may hinder the promotion of teaching quality and efficiency, according to Prof Tae. 


Some high-tech teaching tools including intelligent robots, 3D printers and laser cutter are demonstrated by staff of Xuetang Kechuang