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Tsinghua Holdings student internship wrap-up session held in Beijing



The summing-up meeting held on July 12

A summer-vacation summing-up meeting for Hong Kong university student interns was held on July 12.

Fifteen students from universities in Hong Kong such as the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, City University of Hong Kong, and the Chinese University of HongKong fulfilled their internship in member enterprises of Tsinghua Holdings for five weeks from June 10 to July 12.


 The students from Hong Kong visit the engineering physics department of Tsinghua University. 

Tsinghua Holdings invited the interns to visit Tsinghua University and its art museum. The students also visited the department of Engineering Physics to learn about technological developments in Beijing Global Safety Technology in the public safety industry.

By touring the Tsinghua Tongheng Urban Planning & Design Institute (THUPDI), the students learned more about making life better and more convenient through transport planning and historical heritage protection. And in the Leijingtang Health Care Center of CapitalBio and Tongheng workshop, they learned to use traditional Chinese musical instruments and a fancy toy named Kongming Lock, which is a combination of traditional and modern Chinese culture and modern technology.


Leung Chi-yan, director of the Beijing office of the government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

In the wrap-up, some students played the traditional Chinese musical instrument Sekong drum and shared their experience in the internship while others presented research reports and design works.

Leung Chi-yan, director of the Beijing office of the government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, praised the internship activities and expressed his gratitude to Tsinghua Holdings for its elaborate structuring of the internship.

He said that Tsinghua Holdings acts in the spirit of Tsinghua University, hoping that every student will grow up under that nurturing spirit and will share its influence with more Hong Kong people.


A student plays a traditional Chinese musical instrument in the summing-up meeting 

The vice-chairman of the Hong Kong United Youth Association expressed his gratitude for the support of all the departments of Tsinghua Holdings in the activity, saying that after he returned to Hong Kong, he would organize a road show to let the students share their research results obtained during the internship.

Zheng Chengwu, on behalf of Tsinghua Holdings said he was thankful for support from Hong Kong’s Beijing Office, the Hong Kong United Youth Association, Tsinghua University and six member enterprises of Tsinghua Holdings. 


The students visit the exhibition hall of MOOC-CN Education