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Tsinghua Holdings affiliated enterprises on TOP 500 Chinese enterprise patent list



Top 500 Chinese Enterprise Patent list

Several Tsinghua Holdings’ member enterprises feature on the Top 500 Chinese Enterprise Patent list released during a China Marketing International Conference on July 23.

H3C, Unisoc, Yangtze Memory Technologies, Wuhan Xinxin Semiconductor Manufacturing, Slichem Display Material, and Tellhow all appear on the list.

The list was made to raise Chinese enterprises’ awareness of intellectual property rights so that high-value patents can be created with reference to these role models in Chinese enterprises’ patent work.

In the evaluation, nine indicators were considered including quantity, cognate degrees, patent degrees, novelty degrees and the condition of under referral.

AI and big data technology were also used to calculate and analyze the performance of enterprises’ patents registered in China which finally defined the top 500 enterprises in that regard.