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Tsinghua Holdings affiliated enterprises and Italian firms discuss winter sports technology



 The two sides sign a memorandum of understanding during the meeting. 

A delegation from Italy’s South Tyrol visited Tsinghua University and discussed winter sports technology with representatives of Tsinghua Holdings affiliates on July 29 in Beijing.

The experts from Tsinghua University, Beijing Global Safety Technology and Tus-Ice & Snow Group which are enterprises affiliated to Tsinghua Holdings, talked about strengthening exchanges between Chinese and Italian universities and research institutes in winter sports technology development, knowledge transfer and industry development.


Fan Weicheng, dean of the public safety institute of Tsinghua University, introduces the technology to be applied in the upcoming Winter Olympic Games. 

Fan Weicheng, dean of the public safety institute of Tsinghua University, introduced the technology to be applied in the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, saying that winter Olympics-related technology can’t be developed without the participation of university, scientific research institutions and worldwide Olympic partners.

He also expressed his hopes that the two sides can work to strengthen cooperation in Winter Olympic Games and winter sports technology on the basis of sound Chinese and Italian technology.

Representatives from the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, the Bolzano Chamber of Commerce, Eurac Research and other Italian companies in the South Tyrol introduced their winter sport-related technology from several aspects including education and training, technology innovation, venue facilities, security assurance and Winter Olympic safety products and solutions.


Italian representatives from South Tyrol

Beijing Global Safety Technology is a listed company affiliated to Tsinghua Holdings that specializes in commercializing public safety products. Since its foundation, it has been committed to the public safety field and offers one-stop solutions in emergency management, smart and safe city construction and fire-fighting service.

Italy, as the great power in winter sport games, held the winter Olympics in 1956 and 2006. In June 2019, it was named the host of the 2026 Winter Olympic Games. 


Italian and Chinese representatives discuss winter sports technology on July 29.