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CNKI debuts at fourth China-Arab States Expo



The fourth China-Arab States Expo is held in Yinchuan on Sept 5.

Tsinghua Holdings affiliated CNKI was invited to attend the fourth China-Arab States Expo held in Yinchuan on Sept 5 to introduce the Belt and Road-related big data collaborative service platform enabling scientific and technological exchanges between different cultures and nations.


Xiao Hong, general manager of CNK Iinternational publication and distribution company is interviewed by CGTN

The platform, based on massive knowledge resources, is supported by a digital library, digital publishing, big data collection and processing developed by CNKI and offers scientific and technological international knowledge and information services for both sides of supply and demand. It can be applied in international scientific and technological exchange centers, technology exchange and transfer centers and university intellectual property service centers.


Some pages of the Belt and Road-related big data collaborative service platform

The core modules of the platform include the latest news, knowledge service, technical supplies, an expert think tank and maker space,technical advice and trading platformthat together support instant messaging, online and video discussions between supply and demand parties as well as intermediaries and promote the growth of China-Arab strategic partnerships.


Xiao Hong explains the platform in detail 

An important support to the platform, CNKI’s knowledge management and innovation system OKMS also debuted at the Expo, the first step of going global for CNKI big data knowledge management products.


The technical manager presents the platform to on-site visitors. 

The predecessor of the China-Arab States Expo was the China-Arab economic and trade forum. Since 2010, three sessions of the forum and two of theexpo have been held in Ningxia, creating an extensive and profound influence in China-Arab cooperation.