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Unisplendour ranks third on Fortune China's computer and related products list


Unisplendour, a subsidiary of Tsinghua Unigroup under Tsinghua Holdings with an operating income of around 54.1billion yuan ($7.78 billion), ranked 189th on the latest Fortune China 500 list released on July 27 and third on the computer and related products list.

This is the seventh consecutive ranking for Unisplendour on the list regarding its business performance and achievements.

Statistics show that the combined revenue of the companies on the list in 2020 was 50.5 trillion yuan, up 11 percent year on year and exceeding half of China’s GDP in 2019, which was over 99 trillion yuan. The net profit of these companies reached 4.2 trillion yuan, growing more than 16 percent from the previous year. The revenue threshold for making the list was 17.8 billion yuan, up almost 10 percent from a year earlier.

2019 marked the first year of “new infrastructure” after the concept was proposed at the Central Economic Work Conference in December 2018. 

Seizing the opportunity arising from the central government’s promotion of the construction of new generation information infrastructure, including 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), industrial internet and the internet of things, Unisplendour continuously conducts digital and intelligent upgrades while expanding its profit margin.

As a global leader in the new generation of cloud computing infrastructure construction and industry intelligent application services, Unisplendour has had a series of cloud computing infrastructure products and 5G convergence solutions that have helped the company improve its market position in various cloud-based services including in government, financing, transportation, media and telecom.

Data from IDC and CCW Research show that in 2019, Unisplendour had the largest enterprise network WLAN and SDN software market share in China and its market share of ethernet switches, enterprise network routers, security hardware, enterprise external storage, and hyper-converged systems ranked second in the country. In addition, the company has the third largest market share of x86 servers in China.