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Tsinghua University Press to launch academic journal Infectious Medicine


Infectious Medicine (English), to be launched by Tsinghua Holdings' subsidiary Tsinghua University Press, was selected as a new high-level journal of the "Excellence Action Plan for Chinese Sci-tech Journals" in 2020.


The journal, which is scheduled to be officially launched in 2021, is another English medical journal of the Tsinghua University Press selected for the action plan after iLiver last year.

Infectious Medicine is a comprehensive English journal on infectious diseases in both humans and animals, and promotes cross-over research on new developments in both areas. It aims to conduct integrated monitoring and detection of human and animal infectious diseases.

Professor Yu Xuejie, Dean of Wuhan University School of Health Sciences, serves as editor-in-chief of the journal.

The Excellence Action Plan for Chinese Sci-tech Journals is a five-year action plan to establish world-leading sci-tech journals, according to the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST).

Building a country strong in science and technology requires the support of world-leading sci-tech journals. With China's growing strength in innovation, it is necessary to build Chinese journals with international influence, according to a circular jointly issued by the CAST, the Ministry of Finance and five other departments.

The action plan consists of five sub-project categories: leading journals, key journals, echelon journals, new high-level journals, and pilot clustering journals.