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H3C wins bid for national quake warning system



Digital innovation plays an increasingly important role in earthquake disaster mitigation. [Photo/thholding.com.cn]

H3C, a subsidiary company of Tsinghua Holdings and an industry leader in the provision of digital solutions, was recently the sole winner of a bid for a routing switch procurement project for its National Earthquake Early Warning and Intensity Quick Reporting System.

After completion, it will provide stable network to about 4,000 monitoring stations in 27 provinces across the country to get rapid and reliable data.

The system is a public service project implemented during the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan period (2016-2020), aiming to realize minute-level swift reporting of seismic intensity nationwide,  and second-level earthquake early warnings in key areas.

China is located between the world's two major earthquake zones. In 2019, there were 30 earthquakes of magnitude 5 or higher, which brought great threats to the lives and property of people.

In this context, the country is developing a way to give at least a few extra seconds' warning for those near quake epicenters, as a timely warning message can get thousands of residents near the source of the earthquake out of danger in just one minute.

In addition to upgrading sensing technology, it is necessary to use the powerful calculation and analysis capabilities provided by digital technology to anticipate the pulsation of the earth in advance. 

Over the years, promoting the application of earthquake information technology has been the focus of the China Earthquake Administration.

H3C is committed to the modernization of earthquake disaster mitigation. It has participated in the cloud transformation of the China Earthquake Networks Center, helping it achieve unified management of resources with the second monitoring and application center of China Earthquake Administration, and allowing it to be a complete underlying platform for core areas such as national earthquake monitoring, medium and short-term prediction and earthquake early reporting.  

In the future, the company will continue to promote digital innovation and application based on the actual needs of the sector.