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Tsinghua Holdings’ chips granted 2020 "China Chip" Excellent Technical Innovation Product Award


Three chips --- Chun Teng V510, THD89 and TX510 -- developed by subsidiaries of Tsinghua Holdings Co., Ltd were listed as 2020 "China Chip" Excellent Technical Innovation Product Award recipients at the 15th Conference on Promotion of the China IC Industry on Oct 28.


The award ceremony of the 2020 "China Chip" awards [Photo/thholding.com.cn]

Chun Teng V510 is UniscoTechnologies’ first 5G baseband chip based on the Makalu communication technology platform. It can support SA and NSA at the same time, and supports 5G mainstream bands.

THD89, developed by Tongxin Microelectronics Co., Ltd., supports international and national encryption algorithms and is compatible with multiple interface standards. It adopts security protection measures such as memory encryption storage, bus encryption disturbance, electrical environment monitoring, and fault injection prevention. Compared with similar competing products, it has achieved a technological leap in terms of safety and reliability.

Tsing Micro’s TX510 was mass-produced in July 2020. It is an ultra-low-power vision processing chip based on a re-configurable computing architecture. The built-in 3D engine supports mainstream neural networks including AlexNet, GoogleNet, ResNet, VGG, Faster-RCNN, Yolo, SSD, FCN and SegNet, and can realize functions such as face recognition, object recognition, gesture recognition, and target tracking.

The "China Chip", an annual event, is one of the influential and authoritative industrial conferences in the domestic integrated circuit field and is guided by the Electronic Information Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

The 2020 "China Chip" collected a total of 247 chips from 165 companies, the highest number ever in both categories.

Eighty-six products from 81 companies were selected, covering 18 categories of products including microprocessors/controllers and power management and radio frequency chips, as well as 9 market areas including the Internet of Things, smart phones and automotive electronics.