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THUPDI supports 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics with technical services



With its winning bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympics confirmed in 2015, Beijing, which previously held the 2008 Summer Olympics, became the first city in history to host both events.

For more than six years, the Tsinghua Tongheng Urban Planning & Design Institute (THUPDI), a subsidiary of Tsinghua Holdings Co., Ltd., provided a full range of planning and design services, as well as decision-making support, for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

THUPDI implemented the concept of sustainability through full-scale space planning, taking into account the needs of the competition and sustainable use after the event to help local economic development.


The master plan for Chongli district in Zhangjiakou, Hebei province (2020-2035) incorporated local elements to show the world the quality of Chongli’s landscape and human settlements. [Photo/Wechat account:qinghuachanye]


Taizicheng Snow Town, a new Chinese-style ice and snow town around the Taizicheng high-speed railway station in Zhangjiakou, provided comprehensive shared services and reception of state guests for the surrounding ski resorts. [Photo/Wechat account:qinghuachanye]


The Chongli Olympic Forest Park was built into a demonstration area for ecological protection and restoration, a green infrastructure guarantee during the Winter Olympics, and a national-level outdoor park after the Winter Olympics. [Photo/Wechat account:qinghuachanye]

THUPDI helped to complete the construction of the venues and supporting facilities for the Winter Olympics, laying the foundation for the smooth progress of the Games and sustainable post-Games development.


Through renovation and expansion, the Chongli National Training Base has become a comprehensive demonstration base that not only met the requirements of the Games preparation training, but also meets the needs of ice and snow sports. [Photo/Wechat account:qinghuachanye]

THUPDI plans to promote the comprehensive development of the ice and snow industry in Chongli and make it a popular destination for skiers.


Chongli Four Seasons Ice and Snow Tourism Theme Resort master plan, based on the actual development of Chongli’s tourism, integrates the development of the Four Seasons Tourist Resort into the Chongli tourism network with skiing as its core, and highlights the creation of complex tourism products based on the natural ecological environment, sports and four-season leisure. [Photo/Wechat account:qinghuachanye]

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