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Beijing Zijing Biotechnology helps Games in epidemic prevention and control



Beijing Zijing Biotechnology Co., Ltd., the official aerosol detection and service provider of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, launched aerosol detection in public areas on Jan 5.

Every day, the Zijing Biotechnology team shuttled between the venues of the Winter Olympics and transferred samples to a centralized testing site. After test results were released, they reported to the Olympic Organizing Committee and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and professional disinfection guidance was provided to the venues based on the test results.


On-site sampling of aerosol in public areas [Photo/Wechat account:qinghuachanye]


An employee from Beijing Zijing Biotechnology transports samples. [Photo/Wechat account:qinghuachanye]


Aerosol detection [Photo/Wechat account:qinghuachanye]

In an interview on Jan 18, Professor Liu Peng, chairman of Beijing Zijing Biotechnology, introduced PowerFLEX, the latest instrument for nucleic acid testing launched by Zijing Biotechnology.  

As an important part of the public aerosol detection system for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, PowerFLEX can take ultra-high sensitivity samples of 20 copies/mL for coronavirus detection, providing help for epidemic prevention and control at the Beijing Winter Olympics.


Professor Liu Peng introduces the deployment of the Winter Olympics to the media.  [Photo/Wechat account:qinghuachanye]